Helping Teach Appreciation with the Thanks & Giving Project

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Yesterday when my kids sat down to do their B.A.G. I got a little surprise.

My son listed a Goal for himself that I'd already had planned for him: 'not beg for the computer' all the time. 

Because... Mommy was about to have a little talk with him. He gets it enough, believe me, so I thought that this past week we would cut back, and we did. With no complaints. But he still asked, every 15 minutes and it was really ANNOYING!

I was so happy he could see the issue and could set a good goal for himself :)

Ironically, my two other kids had at least one of their goals matching a goal I'd love to have given them too… 

When kids set rules, goals or plans, they tend to be more successful at achieving them, because 'they own it' and they 'want it'.

It's  a day to celebrate with someone in the family over an achievement. You should find a way to make them feel special and in the spotlight. Make them a card, buy them flowers, treat them to a movie, make them a craft or maybe give them a foot massage.

Did mom ace her exam? Did sister do well on a quiz she was stressing about? Did brother get his driver's license? Did Dad receive a good report at his physical exam? Did grandma go to Zumba? Did Auntie finally get rid of that old broken down car that always failed her and buy a new one? 

Sometimes, in our busy lives, successful events go unnoticed or under celebrated. Maybe your child remembered to pick up their shoes today, or siblings chose not to fight (for once). I find that if we reward what we want to see, we get more of it.

Happy Thanks & Giving Project. I hope it's helping with gratitude and attitude in your home.


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