Got Homework (Or Homeschool) Problems?

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Whether you need to help your child prepare for a test, need some homeschool materials or a way to  bail out the child with the oh-so-convenient "I forgot my homework at school" excuse, here are some great resources for you to draw sample worksheets from.

If you haven't already visited your child's school website, while it might be archaic in graphics or navigability, it can (in time) actually lead you to some helpful sites for you to use while reinforcing what your child learned in school.

I'm a chicken when it comes to foreign downloads, so I like this site because the whole worksheet is right there on the screen. I just use a snip it tool to take a picture of the sheets and print them out.

If you love downloading, this will be a joy for you.

If like me, you are better with letters than numbers, answer sheets are available to help correct your child's work.


Any of the above links could help you or try some of these:

Use your local library for classes

Want to give your kids a 'real' challenge?

Feel like they are capable of making some important decisions and want to test them on it? 

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