Family Activities for Rainy Days in January

So, when it's like this outside, it's kind of hard to really feel creative or bubbly,

 but, I can say it does give the kids and I the chance to do something creative and fun!

When the kids were little, it was:
Playdough (homemade or store bought)
Cool whip painting (using food coloring)
Board games (candy land and I'm sorry are two favorites)
Watching their favorite cartoons (Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer)

Now that they are teens and older, it gives us the opportunity to:
Discuss news
Do some cooking
Still play games, but they may come in the form of XBox or the Wii (yep we still have one and the only Xbox is new to the realm)
Card games
Make jokes
Catch up on reading our favorite magainzes and binge watching our favorite shows: cooking, Hallmark, Supernatural (that is not me though), Discovery channels, the voice which is recorder still!


Sometimes the weekends are just too full to have a couch potato day, so we like to use a rainy afternoon to lay low and chill out.

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