February Photo Challenge! What's Bringing You Joy?

For the last few days I've been en#joying (haha) finding the small things that bring me joy. This is part of a new challenge to myself this year to find more things to smile about in my life...no matter what the circumstances.

It's not only my One Word Resolution, but I'm also using it as my topic for this year's February Photo Challenge. I'm choosing one thing during the day that brings me joy and sharing it on Instagram and once in a while updating you here too!

So far, it's been the sun (in February in NE Ohio and my old home state of CT this can be hard to find), sometimes it's cooking, sometimes it's something that makes me laugh! 

Join me! It's been fun! Photos don't have to be perfect or need filters. Just share what one thing you found brought you joy each day in February. If not with us here, or on our IG @MomGluck3 then do it on your own and get your kids to join you! 

Whether they live at home or not they can still send you a daily shot of what made them smile that day, and you can too! 💛

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