Discipline with Magic!

If you’re looking for a new way to discipline your children because what you’re doing isn’t working, you should try reading 1-2-3 Magic. It’s the best warning system and the quickest and easiest form of final discipline for children.
I started using this when my oldest was about 2. She is now 13, and I still use it.
It is a form of counting, as most of us have tried before, but this counting works, and I encourage you to give it a try today! If you count presently, just realize that when you are using 1-2-3 Magic, 3 means done.
It means your child will cease and desist any and all behavior that they are doing at that very moment.
You will need to prepare yourself and whoever is with you (adults/older sibings/friends) that you will be watching for bad behavior and if you need to, you will not be going through with the activity, or event.
When your child begins doing something wrong, unacceptable or inappropriate, you will begin counting:
1 means = Not cool, knock that off.
2 means = I am repeating myself and you are about to lose something.
3 means = They're done.
At which time you will take away what they have, remove them from room, store, or space. You shut off movie or the put candy or toy back on the shelf. You are done with the ‘very unacceptable’ behavior and it is time for them to stop.  (Note: if the behavior is severe enough, start at 2 or if you must, begin and end with 3.)
They will see that they had their chance and soon enough, after repeated/consistent/firm uses of this system, they will understand that when you begin counting you mean business and they are to listen to you or they are done.
The magic of this is not the counting; believe it or not, it’s just the follow through.
You must be ready and be strong enough to follow through with your threat.  You DO want them to STOP!  So you need to stop them when they are not respecting you. So, when you use magic, you will see them listen quicker.
I have used this and my kids rarely ever get to 3! They are so used to hearing and abiding by the 1 or the 2, that they never need me to three.
1-2-3 Magic! One of the greatest discipline books on earth!!!
Stops kids in their tracks! And you can even use this when you want to motivate them to do things! Like their chores! ;)
(P.S. After completing this post a few days ago, I saved it. Then this week I was very sick and after work one day I laid down on the couch and fell asleep while the kids were at the table working on homework...at some point I recall hearing bickering going on between two of the three kids. It irritated me but then I don't remember anything else. At dinner I asked the kids, 'Hey, earlier, when mom was laying on the couch, and you were arguing, did she yell at you to stop, because I don't remember.' Their answer was this, 'Nope, you just said 'ONE!' and we all shut up...' and they laughed! So Moms and Dads....1-2-3 Magic is apparently so easy, you can do in your sleep! LOL!
To find the book 1-2-3 Magic and to see more ideas, check out this website:   
Parent Magic Inc. @  http://www.parentmagicstore.com/
Happy Disciplining!!:)

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