Have Cereal & Milk...Will Travel!

Sometimes you just have to see the humor in things.
What is a mother to do when her son decides that he is going to put a bowl of cereal into his backpack (yes, with the milk) and save it for later?
Well... after cleaning up the mess, I guess she only has one thing left to do; laugh.
The last thing I ever thought I’d find in one of my children’s backpack was a bowl of cereal complete with spoon and what milk was left. It was his first time  at morning latchkey and he wanted to try breakfast there instead of at home.
He had eaten some of his cereal, then decided he'd like to save the rest for later (I never quite figured out when he planned on eating it.) But, he'd packed it up in his backpack and it was still there when I picked him up at  after school latchkey. How I knew was because as I watched him hop into the car, I noticed little drips coming from his backpack.
Let me just say this: Milk does not travel well outside of its designated container.
As he watched I me, I emptied the contents of his backpack out on the blacktop.
What a mess! Wet crayons, sticky bowl and spoon, and soggy fruitloops. Not to mention a runined backpack. I was both furious and puzzled as I cleaned off each item and threw away what was no longer salvagable. I kept very calm and just started to laugh inside. I don't know what he was thinking, but it was sort of funny.
What did Mom learn today?
I learned that I should never underestimate a six year old boy and what he can accomplish. (There was actually still some milk in the bowl; he’d kept it straight up for the most part…I admired his determination.)
I learned something else. That other than keeping towels and surface cleaner in the trunk, I should always keep some extra patience and humor in the glove compartment.
So, what did my son learn today?
Don't put a bowl of cereal with milk in your backpack;)
On to another day of adventure! I wonder what the future holds...

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