7 ways to show your child you love them on Valentine’s Day
  1.      Take them to a movie of their choice.
  2.      Take them out to dinner. Instead of McDonalds, try a local pizza place, or take them to their favorite restaurant and order dessert afterwards!
  3.      Take your child out bowling, to indoor mini-golf, or roller skating.
  4.      Make them breakfast in bed.
  5.      Drive them to school and discuss their friends and social life. (With NO opinions or lectures.)
  6.      Skip a meeting, your favorite prime time program or a phone call with a friend and instead hang out with them in their domain. Play a game, talk, read a book next to each other or listen to music and do something creative.
  7.       Hug them.Tell them you love them no matter what and that even when you are mad, they are the most important thing in the world to you.
      As you can see, some of these things can be done with or without money.
      The whole point here is to innitiate time with your child and put all else aside while doing so and letting them know they are you're Valentine;)  Offer your attention and energy, uninterupted. 
      There are hundreds more ways you can show your child love, these are just a few quick and easy ones, that I promise will surprise them!
Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your family!

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