Fun Friday! Artistic FOOD!

Eating can get boring. We all have our favorites, but sometimes it’s the same old, same old.
Try these things the next time you prepare your family something to eat. Get creative, artistic even!
1.       Use the food to write your children’s initials on their plate or to spell 'I love you'
2.       Use the food to make a flower, happy face or anything else you can design (car?bug?)
3.       Mix up colors and textures, i.e.; crackers with fruit, veggies with fruit, or pretzel sticks &      yogurt
(yes, they will want to dip…I know it’s gross, but let them, it’s science/experimental; trust me, I used to homeschool.)
4.       Add chocolate chips to their banana bread or pancakes (but don’t tell them)
5.       Replace regular fries with Smiley Fries
6.       Add cheese to their scrambled eggs
7.       Just add Peanut Butter! (unless they are allergic; then add a cream cheese dip instead! YUMM!)
Sprucing up food can make eating more fun! And who knows, maybe will persuade your kids to eat stuff they normally wouldn’t just because it looks appealing!
Maybe it will teach them to play with their food…

Yeah, maybe that wouldn’t be good huh?

Well, you decide…
My testimonial:
After years of offering up fancy-snacks-made-with-love,  a  Cucumber-peel-heart was sent to me via cell phone. My daughter was having a snack at home. She ate the cucumber then formed a heart with the peel! I wasn’t home so her step-dad sent the picture to me while I was in a meeting.
(I 'awwwwwed out loud' when I got it….;)

Oranges and Kiwi Slices

Banana Slices and Blueberries


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