Fun Friday is here again!
And unfortunately the weather outside is frigid in the Northeast!
If like me, you are wondering when the mountains of white are going to
disappear and make way for the plush green stuff, while trying to keep yourself
and the kids from getting a full-blown case of cabin fever, here is a poem for you.

Snow, Snow, Go Away,
Mom and Dad are Sick of it Today,
We are running over on snow days at school
and  Dreaming of summertime at the pool.   
Give us something to do for now,
So Mom and Dad can get some peace somehow!

Does this sound a little like your house right about now!?
Here are a few suggestions for kids and parents who are climbing the walls.
Go online to play some games together like:
Snowboarding, Olympic Style Skiing and even snowball fights at:
 You can Pea Ski, Penguin Push or do a Winter Word Search at:
OR, when double digits return to the forecast:
FIND SOME Real Outdoor Winter Game IDEAS AT:

Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day!
Go show the kids some love! Then go make yourself a big cup or coffee or hot cocoa and put your feet up!


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