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How Do You Chase Away A Bad Mood??

I wasn’t in a particularly good mood tonight. Another snow day, and last week I was home from work for two full days with a sick child…I am getting a little bit o’ cabin fever I think.
Knowing what the weather was going to be like today, I had a feeling school would be canceled and so I was prepared to work from home today.
Although it was an extremely productive day, and the kids behaved like angels, it still was a long day and well…it was just a long day. (I am sure many can agree that with the weather lately, these winter days feel longer than usual as it is...)
Being at home with the kids is always wonderful. I love hanging out with them, doing crafts and having meals together, (I homeschooled until my oldest was in the fifth grade so staying home with three kids doesn’t usually bother me), but being home and working is an entirely different ballgame.
It’s the ‘Mom’s here, but not really here game’. My fiancée tells them, ‘when Mommy is working from home she is invisible’. Try teaching that to a six year old.
 Sometimes I end up shooing my youngest away when I am on the phone or telling him he needs to be more quiet, etc... I hate doing that to them…
So, by the end of today, I was not in the mood to have fun, or be extra sweet. It was time for the kids to get into bed and then my son comes around the corner and asks me for yet, something else…
He wanted me to read him a book.
I was kind of grouchy still and I really would have preferred to pawn this task off to my eldest daughter or my fiancée, but I love reading to my children and have been doing it since they were newborns; I love this type of time spent together... so although I didn’t feel like it, I read him the book anyway.
He picked one out of our craft and book closet, where we keep art supplies, and our holiday and reference books.
The book was a Thanksgiving book called ‘We Gather Together, Now Please Get Lost! It’s about, what appears to be, a porcupine, and his classmates, taking a field trip to Pilgrim Town where they will learn about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims. (I remember the story well; I have read it many times.)
As I directed my son to finish tidying up a few more of his toys around before getting into bed, I reluctantly opened the book and got ready to read.
As I started reading the first few pages, I was surprised that I could feel myself getting into the story already!
It was comical to see Gilbert’s little sister come in and jump on Gilbert’s bed, in her pink feety-pajamas, her teddy bear in hand and tell Gilbert to get up or he’d be late for school; causing him to miss his field trip.
I actually couldn’t hold back a smile as I got deeper into it, when Gilbert was quite annoyed that he was indeed late for school and was stuck with the most boring classmate for his field trip buddy.
Soon after they arrive at Pilgrim Town, Gilbert get’s his wish of not having his buddy around. He slips into the restroom unnoticed and then gets locked in there. His class continues on without him.
Eventually, his dedicated buddy, Phillip the tattle-tale Goose comes back to rescue him and Gilbert is relieved and appreciative.
They end up good friends on the bus ride back to school.
I’ve got to admit, that by the end of the book, I was no longer irritated, tired or crabby. I was happy.
Gilbert learned a lesson and made a friend. My son felt loved and I was no longer cranky.
So here’s an idea: If you’re ever in a bad mood, just read a kid a book! It’s a great remedy for the grumpies. ;)
P.S. Another one you might try, for girls especially is ‘Today I feel Silly, and Other Moods that Make My Day’, by Jamie Lee Curtis.
Good for kids and adults alike;)
As if we didn’t have enough snow already, my children have decided to decorate the windows with paper snowflakes … To be a kid again…;)
Here is my nine year olds top snowflake creation of the week.


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