I DON’T WANT YOU TO Follow me…
Instead, I’D LIKE YOU TO go with me. 

I’m a blogger on a mission…

And on Family Matters with Amber my mission is to help parents be successful and enjoy parenting, while bringing up the healthiest happiest kids they can.

I’m not selling anything except ideas, encouragement and smiles.

I’m not an expert on anything; only my own experience as a parent.

I am from a divorced, dysfunctional family. I'm divorced myself, and almost remarried with three children. 

I am working hard trying to reverse the mistakes my family made with me, as well as the ones I made with myself... in hopes to help my children enjoy life more.

Life has its doozies and I have always seemed to end up with most of them; but somehow, most days I still end up happier than I was the day before, so I figure, why not share...

If you know a Family who would benefit from reading Family Matters with Amber, please share me!

I hope to reach as many Families as I can, so thank you in advance for sharing me and my goal.

Please forward my blog link to a Family today!

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·      If there is a tool(s) on this list that you have not yet utilized, please do so and let me know what you think.

                                             Thank you!


 ‘The Best Thing I’ll Ever Do in Life is Be the Best Parent I Can.’

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