Don't Be A Door Mat

This weekend Mom (I) was crazy-busy. 

Here is just a brief highlight of the beginning of the weekend:

It started on Friday night.

After work, dinner clean up, and making candy for the PTA, I was taking my oldest daughter out with her best friend. I helped her start a writing group and they meet twice a month. 

We’d be home around 9:30pm.

On Saturday morning I would be getting up early to go to the Humane Society with my other daughter who’s nine. Working with animals is something she is interested in and on some Saturdays we go there and help clean cages.

After we finish at the Humane Society I would have to stop and drop off the candy at the PTA’s carnival-fundraiser that is going on for my son’s elementary school.

After dropping off the candy….

I would come home, take a shower, and then get the kids ready to go back to the carnival, where they would have fun playing games with tickets I would buy them. They would have lunch there also, not to mention cotton candy and snacks; all while I worked the concession stand with the other PTA parents.

…..Fast forward into the midst of things…

At home I had started a roast in the crock-pot so we wouldn’t have much work to do for dinner; that way we could have family movie night on time. Then I made a list with my teenage daughter regarding the hair items she would need at CVS when we went their later on.

I support my kids in their endeavors. I take an interest in their hobbies. I buy foods at the grocery store that they like. I give them a break when they need it and lift them up when they’re sad. I tuck them in at night, spend time with them, and listen to their problems. I’m their cheerleader. I love them like no other and I am their biggest fan.

All I ask is that they listen, follow directions and not give me an attitude when I want them to do something.

Which brings me to this: 

My nine year old already started; at the Humane Society she had an attitude (the silent kind) when I told her we could not stay later and play with the kitties when we are done. (She knew I had to run to drop off candy before the carnival started…I got up early for her- am cleaning a dozen cat cages for goodness sake- and on a Saturday morning to boot!!!

What is the deal!?

On our way home I call my eldest daughter and check in. I ask the following: 

‘Have you had breakfast? Are you and your brother dressed? Are you ready to go?’

The replies I got were:  ‘Yes. Yes. And Yes.’

I took a detour on the way home which caused me to be an extra ten minutes later…which should have prompted my daughter to ‘finish’ the things she said she’d done.

But no…

I walk in to dishes washed but not put away from the dishwasher, dishes still in the sink, and they are not ready…and they are playing the wii!


I have some words with her, then address my nine year old as she is not following directions of how to undress her soiled shoes and dirty clothes. I tell her to take a shower. 

I get the ‘glare’ (you know the one I’m talking about)….

I say my peace, all is done. And quite well, I might add.

But I really did not want to have to do that….:(

No parent wants to have to Grrrrrr when they ask their kids to do something. 

As I was running around this weekend from one event to the next I was thinking about writing this post. 

Door mat came to mind.

So I had asked my kids: ‘Hey- remind me about door mat later!’

I was reminded alright.

After we’d finished shopping in CVS and had gotten back in the car, I just wanted to go to sleep at this point....

My 6 year old son jumped up from his booster seat behind me and yelled in my ear; ‘HEY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



Yes, I do sometimes feel just like a door mat.

Thanks for reminding me...

Not all the time though. My kids are pretty good for the most part and I consider myself very lucky.
But when I am busy, preoccupied, already giving-giving-giving- is when I find my kids enjoy wiping their feet.

So, to every parent who feels like a welcome mat from time to time….

Just remember:

Although kids do deserve respect, so do parents....
Because you are not a door mat!


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