You Don't Have To Fix the Problem to be a Hero

For Easter break my children were preparing to go visit their father out of state. 

I was feeling sad of course, because I would miss them. But still had a few days left with them and was going to make the best out of it, as always.

Unfortunately we ended up having a rough week.

My son was sick and we were up for two nights. The first night was from coughing and asthma, the next night-a major ear infection. 

Hours of hot packs, rocking in the rocking chair and administering medicine. Lots of tears, breathing treatments and lack of sleep.

I found myself inside a CVS at 2 in the morning buying more Motrin and I was just about at end of my rope with patience and strength…


It was Friday afternoon; he had seen the doctor, had started antibiotics and was resting. 

While he napped, I decided to go through his back pack of papers from the school day.

I found an Easter Card which I immediately assumed it was for his dad who he’d be seeing in a couple of days.

 INSIDE the card he wrote this:
‘I love you because you take good care of me. I know you love me too. I say it in my mind, too.
I love you when I am at dad's house. I feel good when you take care of me. Love, Justice’

(No need to tell you that I was crying when I realized the card was for me.)

Even at six years old a child knows what they need but can’t always verbalize it. And though it might not be Motrin they’re thinking of either, but it’s all those other things parents do to try to help them feel better. 

Parent do their best to know what to do for their children, but aren’t always successful.
(I could not fully eliminate his horrible earache).

But the best part is kids know even if Mom or Dad cannot take the pain away, at least they tried, and that makes them feel safe.

So what if you don’t get a card like this one?

Don’t worry, you are still their HERO.
Bbecause just like Justice said, ‘He says it in his mind’ ….And so does your child.<3


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