On Memorial Day Honor the Parent's of the Fallen

Memorial Day

A national holiday set to honor our fallen service men and women. 

For many individuals it is celebrated with picnics and beach visits, fireworks and family gatherings. We (those who may not have been affected by the death of a loved one serving in the military) use this weekend as the kickoff to summer and are thrilled for that extra day off of work.

To the parents of a fallen soldier…Memorial Day is not about a happy celebration.

It may likely be a visit to a cemetery, long gazes at photos of their son or daughter in uniform, or time spent re-reading letters written to them from wherever their child was serving from.

Memorial Day to them is not just another day off, but another day of sadness.

Many of us, when we see a service person, make it a point to show appreciation by thanking them for what they do to help afford us our freedom.

But what about their parents?

When you meet a mother or father of a service person, do you thank them as well?
Do you recognize that they have celebrated holidays without their children, missed birthdays and special events with their child because they were away serving our country? And now they may even be without their child for the rest of their lives because they were killed in the line of duty.

Do you acknowledge that they were the ones who raised such a selfless individual who chose to sacrifice their lives for the lives of others? Do you show compassion and appreciation for their own personal pain and sacrifice?

Today when we say a prayer for the fallen we must also say a prayer for the mother’s and father’s who have lais to rest their sons and daughters.

And every time you meet someone who has a son or daughter who serves, thank them for their unwavering support, because without it, our service men and women would not be as strong as they are. 

Without them, we would not be as free on this Memorial Day as we are. 

From my Family to Theirs:
‘Thank you to all of the mother’s and fathers of the fallen military service men and women. Peace be with you during this time of remembrance and thank you for your support of their choice to serve.’ My family thanks you.



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