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Father's Day is coming, and on Monday, I mentioned I would use June to celebrate Dads.

'Come on Mom's'....some of these guys bust their tails changing diapers, cleaning up after dinner and wiping noses, they deserve a little something special in June...

Dad's do a lot of work too and often stand by mom as she has her discussions with friends, retreats to her Facebook connections and she dives into her blog time.

At picnics moms conger together and socialize, sharing baby stories, potty training ideas and the best bags online.

But Dad's...well, they sometimes get forgotten.

So this month I am choosing to share a few links JUST FOR DAD'S!

If you know a terrific father; whether it be your own father, your children's father, your brother or nephew, pass these blog posts along to them. They will be pleased to know that there are plenty of other Dad's supporting them out there ;) And if he is a hard one to sell on reading...remind him that most guys like to talk sports....and we understand that....this is why I am sharing one of my favorite Dad-Blogs!

All Pro Dad by Tony Dungy, a retired NFL coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis Colts.. husband and father of six he is:

Visit All Pro Dad:

Read more about Tony Dungy:
Tony at a Glance-

Check out books by Tony Dungy on (I'm presently reading The Mentor Leader)

All Pro Dad's Learn Something New Every Day, For Themselves- as Well as Their Families...


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