How Do Dad's Do It???

Do you remember when our mother used to say, 'Wait until your father gets home?'.

Well, I don't, I was raised by my dad...but I do know many mothers who use this phrase and it works.

Why does it work?

Well, I guess to know the answer to that question we would have to know the answer to THIS question:

What does Dad have that we do not? That children tend to listen better to him (Dad) than her (Mom).
(This is sometimes true with Grandpa and Uncle, as well, but for the sake of simplicity, lets stick with Dad as the example.)

So, back to that question; what is it about Dad that makes kids sit still, zip it, or cease the annoying behavior?
 Is it a stern male voice?
 Is it a different look?
 Is it body language?

What is it about him that gets kids to behave instantly?

If you ask me my opinion (and in my experience) I would have to say that it's all these and the fact that moms tend to take more nonsense than dads do.

That's right. We moms can be pushovers.

Admit it Moms, we put up with more 'pleeeeaaaasssses' than Dad and we say 'stop' at least 50 more times than he.

Is it because we are more patient; to a fault...Or are we too nice?

My kids say I'm too nice. (At least until they told me I was too nice-because since then I've changed a bit. I thanked them for telling me my weaknesses.;)

But my kids know that their father and their step-father will take no (excuse my french) crap.

My son is the baby and he surely gets treated like one. I am severely to blame for this and he has two older sisters that assist me in this.

But his father and my fiancee take no whining or babyish behavior from the 'boy'.

And with the girls, they are sweet angels but they know their mother, and when they approach me when I am busy or involved they know that they can get more out of me...

And I find that if I'm too busy to follow up they will stretch the limit.

They aren't bad kids, they're just kids and given the chance they will always try to get a little extra...
(ssshhhh this is my secret to you from the inside of this crazy world we call parenting...-it is very important that you remember it. I promise you will need the tip before long.)

So, anyhow, as I was saying, I would like to say Kudos to Dads for not taking any nonsense and for teaching us moms how not to. 

Though maybe we are slow-sorry about that-we were given this terrible thing called GUILT at the birth of our first child and I have an awful feeling that it will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

We will catch on sooner or later...and when we do our kids are going to be in shell-shock...but it will be a good thing for them, whether or not they think so.

Read this blog post about an example of how a father gets his child to bed (found on
A simple technique:

Yes, Moms, it is this easy...UGH, I know.....


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