What About Fun for Dad's?

It's June. And in June we celebrate Father's Day.

Dad's sometimes get overlooked during family and parenting discussions, don't they?

Whether women (mom's) leave the guys out on purpose or on accident, we do tend to
push guys aside on occasion.

Maybe it's because we are natural conversationalists, nurturers and empathizers that Dad's seem to feel left out of conversations.

Maybe it's because us mom's are biased of our capabilities and so we love to create things for moms everywhere in celebration for job's well done.

But it is true that there are millions of Dad's everywhere who work very hard being fathers and they don't get half as much credit or nearly as much fun stuff to do... (yes there might be just a little sarcasm in that), but seriously, let's allow them some, shall we?
In honor of Father's, this month Family-Matters-with-Amber will dedicate several blog posts to Dad.

(I know, I know... Mom's who've been reading since the beginning, and look forward to they're Family Matters posts, are suddenly outraged- don't worry, we aren't giving them ALL of June!;)

So whether it's your husband, your own father, your brother or your son, share these special blog posts and links with those special Dad's in your life.

Ladies, (Mom's) step aside and let Dad through, it's his turn.

(Don't worry, I know you want him to learn something that will eventually help you...he will...just have patience....;)

***It's ALL YOU DAD! And since Guy's often like to know how things work, how to do things and enjoy weird facts about stuff, this website is a perfect one to share with you guys:
'The Art of Manliness' and  A real man's guide to cooking outside:
 Don't stop in the middle Dad's, scroll all the way to the bottom of webpage to see more on making fires and cooking outside!


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