What Do Railroad Bridges, Wells, Double Digits and Stars All Have in Common?

Well, you can wish on them, of course!

You didn’t know?

You are a parent! You should know!

Hasn’t a child told you the rules?

Stars are for wishing on…
Overhead railroad bridges (with trains on them) are moments of wishing…
When digital clocks show the same time in hours as minutes, it is time to wish….
And a wishing well….

I trust you all know the rules here….

Isn’t it sweet how children can, and will, wish?

Isn’t it adorable that they will share that moment with anyone who’s listening?

Isn’t it even better that they have such a bright, positive outlook that they trust that their wishes will come true?

A wish is a hope or desire for something.

Kids wish every day….

Why don’t you wish today?


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