A Motivational Video for Parents & Teens

If you have never heard of Vujici's Story, you need to check it out. 
You can find many of his video messages on YouTube.

This is one of my favorites because he shows how he doesn't let anything stand in his way in life!

Sometimes, for parents, when the mountain of daunting tasks seems like it could just push us over the edge of frustration...we need something to help keep us going.

For teens, sometimes it's the cold words of a friend or classmate, a mountainous project or chore, which seems as if it will stress us to the breaking point of any happiness in our hearts...
we need something to remind us how awesome life really is.

After viewing this video I can say I was in tears at his love of life and his message to adolesents.
I was then grateful for the freedoms I have and that includes even the-not-so-lovely-tasks of life.

It's all about perspective ;)


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