Check out this Controversial Commercial

 This is supposed to be a controversial Tide commercial.

After viewing, you can vote (from the two pre-written opinions) how you felt about it.

My thoughts about the commercial? 

It's a commercial. Everyone is going to take it a different way.

As a mother of two girls and one boy, what do I think about it?

Good luck to the commercial-mom in having a successful bonded relationship with her daughter, since she oozes so much sarcasm and loathing, her daughter is soon to hate her.

Our children will never be perfect mirror images of us, thank goodness! They were born to be their own person for eternity. 

Accept them now, before they notice you DO NOT and they begin to rebel...
Though probably not much older than 7,
I bet by the look on this little girls face, she may already be rebelling- eek.

(This commercial-mom may still have time, if she'd only stop stuffing pink pillows down her daughter's throat.)

What's wrong with being an architect and dressing in green

 Tell me your opinion.

Compromise anyone??

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