The Countdown To School Begins!

Okay Moms and Dads, are you ready?

It's August 1st, and there are ONLY ___ (fill in the blank) days until school starts!

In our district, most kids have only 29 days left until school is in session.

I know we haven't done all the things we wanted to do this summer. In our case it could be because we've only had two weeks of summer with our children, then they headed to their dads for the first half of their summer.

But, during those two weeks we had together we did have a blast!
  • Went roller skating with school to celebrate a great year
  • Saw Kung Fu Panda II, 3-D, in the theater
  • Went to Working Dog Weekend at Lake Metro Farmpark
  • Went to the Science Center
  • Painted T-Shirts 
  • Hit the beach
  • Saw Despicable Me (only this time at the drive-in!)
  • ..And the Boys went Golfing a couple of times

Sometimes our family plans out what we want to do during the summer, and other times we let things happen.

This year it's a fair amount of both.
    I found a blogger mom who does her summer list every year.
    I'd have to say hers is way more colorful than mine and much bigger!
    Mine is just a hot pink sticky note on the side of the fridge.

    Maybe next year we'll consider doing ours like hers!
    But no matter what our summer list looks like, or where I put it, we will have fun-in-the-sun before it's time to go Back-to-School!

    I'm excited because with a whole month left there's plenty of time to:
    • Hit the pool
    • Go Bowling
    • Go camping
    • Visit the Farmers Market 
    • Make some yummy recipes and popsicles
    • Go bike riding
    • Pick up the dresses for the wedding
    • Go school shopping
    And anything else we feel we can squeeze in!

    29, 28, 27, 26...............................................


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