Good Customer Service At Home

Over the years, my careers have mainly been customer service based. I started in a family business and then moved on up through the rungs from waitress, to hostess, to sales associate, manager and eventually the GM of a hotel.

In all my years, my training taught me that you should always do your best to take your customer all the way to what they need, make them happy, and never leave them until they are done with you.

I pride myself on my customer service abilities.

Though the other day, I think I failed at customer service in my own home!

I was getting ready to cut my daughter's hair and because of how long it had gotten (she's been growing it out for a year!) I felt this time it would be best  if instead of me spritzing it with water, she could wash and condition it real quick. She was fully clothed so I just suggested she run into the bathroom and wash her hair in the tub.

She’s fourteen. I suppose I just assumed that she knew how to kneel over the tub and do it. (Though I'm not sure where I got this idea since she’d never done it before, and the few times I have, I don’t think she’s ever watched, but somehow I just figured she’d know.)

So, I sent her off, and just as she began to walk away she turned to me with this puzzled look on her face and asked a couple of questions regarding how to do it. I answered them non-chalantly, then went about my business.

It took her a while to get it done, but she’d done it perfectly. Except, afterwards, I felt a little guilty.

I had just acted like a young clerk in a store. You know the one… where you ask where they keep the ____ and they half-heartedly point in some direction and give a vague idea of how to get there?

They fully assume that because THEY know what's kept in isle nine, you should know too.
And when you aren't sure whether you understood them correctly and turn to ask them a question, they're gone!

In good customer service, the person helping you should stay with you from start to finish and not leave you until you’re completely satisfied. (Like when the item is in your hand, all of your questions have been answered, and you are ready to check out.)
Sometimes when kids are finally able to talk, walk, feed and clothe themselves we tend to send them off to accomplish things before stopping to think whether or not they know how. You won’t hear them make a fuss about it though, because ultimately you are the parent, and if you expect them to do it alone, they assume they should know how…but remember how it felt in the store when you needed help and the sales associate ditched you? Making you feel alone and stranded?
Next time, for my own peace of mind, and maybe hers too, I will lead my girl to the ____ , show her how to _____, and ask her if she has any other questions.
Because it's the right thing to do.

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