Today is Her 14th Birthhday (A mother's letter to her daughter)

I can remember when she was born.

It seemed like it was yesterday.

I was twenty-four and it was my first day of maternity leave. It was a hot sunny afternoon and she wasn't technically due for two more weeks (although I had a feeling for a week and there were signs that she was ready. Lord knows I was.)

I did some house cleaning. I did some more house cleaning. And then, a little more  cleaning and organzing.

I called my mother-in-law and cried to her about how I was not yet done with this pregnancy and that this baby hhhhaaaddd to come out TODAY!

She said to do a little more cleaning and then wait...

So, at about the point of 'wait', I sat down ... and my water broke!


Twelve hours later via a c-section my daughter was born.

That was 14 years ago today and this is my letter to her:

Dear Daughter, 

Over the last fourteen years we've learned to talk and walk together. I have witnessed you lose all of your baby teeth and together we have learned about the things that are important in life.

Today, and everyday, you are growing to be everything I had imagined you would.

Your favorite color is green, favorite hobby is reading, and you have a smile and air about you that would make anyone want to have a conversation with you. 

You are intuitive, strong, responsible and loving...Witty and reasonable...The best big sister and the most amazing student your teachers could ever ask for. Compassionate, fair and conscientious, you  are always aware of how our existence impacts others and the environment...

How did I get so lucky?

How did the world get so lucky?

Happy 14th Birthday to my beautiful daughter.

I hope that you will enjoy the life that you have been given, always follow your dreams, and love yourself for the amazing woman that you are.

Happy Birthday...I love you.


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