What to Do with All that Horrifying Halloween Candy?

Now that trick-or-treating is here, your little one's will be carrying buckets, bags and pillowcases to your neighbor's houses so they can show off their cool costumes and get loads of candy!

They will be ecstatic!!!
And you will be in a panic.
So, now what to do with all of that Halloween candy....?

Well if you're a kid, it's easy...EAT IT!... DUH!??

If you're a parent, and you're like me, you'll cringe every time you hear another wrapper uncrinkle...

If you do, you may want to read this.

I ration candy.

That's right, I limit their intake of amazingly delicious, cavity causing treats.

Of course I don't ration it the first night.
We dabble in the treat bags the whole night, after it's checked of course, and when the next day comes, they get one or two pieces per day.

Yes, I did just say, 'one or two pieces a day'. Obviously if the kids are extra good and had a fair share of good stuff to eat that day, than they can have three pieces, but honestly, I think that an entire bucket of candy is too many cavities for one kid so I don't let them have it all at once.

At once piece a day they tend to forget about it after a week, and they don't load up on sugar highs and end up sick from it.

You may think I'm a meany.
You might assume my kids don't enjoy trick-or-treating because they know they can't have it all in one shot or can't eat it whenever they want to...but I've not heard, or seen, even one of my kiddo's complain about this deal.

I think what is awful is watching my child have to keep going back to the dentist to get fillings because her mouth is full of cavities...and having all that yucky work done in his/her mouth at such a young age...
THAT makes my heart hurt.

A little candy rationing is nothin' ;)

Happy Trick-or-Treating! (And maybe happy rationing;)


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