A Poem About Bullying Written by My Teen

by Taylor Gluck

Nobody’s fat, nobody’s thin.
Nobody’s ‘out’, nobody’s ‘in’.

We’re all the same,
there’s no one to blame.

There’s no bombs,
no hate,
no pain.

Children obey,
and friends abstain
from telling secrets that shouldn’t be told,
causing arguments that they shouldn’t hold,
and pinning the blame on some other kid.

No one’s retarded,
no one’s the smart kid
that always gets A’s
and is Teacher’s Pet.

There’s no line between A’s and E’s,
and we have yet to see if this can stand . . .
And if we can set ourselves free.

There’s no secrets,
no reason to hide,
You can’t keep your feelings locked up inside.

Religion and race
don’t change a face,
because we’re all the same,
there’s no one to blame,
and we’re all in this boat together.

As a writer, I am obviously very proud of my daughter, because she wrote this poem.
But, it's not what makes me most proud.
It is the fact that she has the courage and heart to think this way, and then behave accordingly.
Please check out these links below on bullying and 

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Lake County Kids Magazine

A very moving video with facts about bullying.

 OLWEUS Bullying Prevention program (worldwide program):

Barak Obama Address on Bullying

(Though like robbing banks, unless you are caught first, and successfully prosecuted, I guess the law is useless and the safety of others left wide open that is why we need to arm our children with knowledge, effective verbal power and excellent self esteem.) 

Let us pray for mutual respect, empathy, compassion, equality and peace…


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