7 Reasons Why My Kid Is Cranky

Ever wonder if you're the only parent with chronically-cranky-kids?

Well, don't worry, you aren't.

But do you ever wonder why kids seem to get so cranky, often when just minutes ago everyone was having a grand 'ole time?

Here are the 7 Most common reasons kids are cranky:
  1. Sleep deprivation - We've all heard that kids are supposed to have 8-10 hrs. a night, but quality should be a part of that.
  2. Hunger - Not all foods sustain all people in the same way...again, quality vs. quantity (and frequency) make a  big difference.
  3. Exhaustion - First refer to #1: How much sleep do they get and how good of sleep? Then, what is your child doing all day? Do they have any down-time or rest periods? (Think emotional as well as physical.)
  4. Over stimulation (includes over scheduling) - Not everyone can be full-on all the time. Not all kids are people-people. Some like to be alone and inside.
  5. Being too controlled - Are you smothering your child? Are you making too many choices for them? 
  6. Being misunderstood - Are you listening? Are you taking the time to understand their needs? Kids are people too but because they are young cannot always express their needs clearly.
  7. I'm Cranky!


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