Because of Winn-Dixie

Over winter break, I hit the library with my kids.

As I strolled through the children's section looking for my ten year old, who I found nestled in a chair reading, I noticed a huge movie rack.

Knowing we had the week off together and plenty of time on our hands, I spun through the rack to see if there was anything we might be interested in watching as a family.

That's when I came across a movie called 'Because of Winn-Dixie'. I knew the name, it was a book which my daughter just finished reading.

I showed it to her and suggested we take it home. She was excited to watch it and I have to say, I was too. The dog on the cover was adorable and I hadn't read the book, so I was curious.

Simple and heartwarming.

Charming, and tearful at times, it was safe for any age and delivered a message to adults as well as children.

I have to say though, it's strange how some movies speak to the grown-ups as much as the kids.

As I saw the little girl riding her bike into a trailer park, I recalled being seven and living with my parents.
As I continued to watch, I was a little uncomfortable in my seat, to see that the little girl's mother left her and her father. I didn't want to continue watching, but knew I could not allow my past to control me.

With some serious topics like abandonment, alcoholism and faith, this movie depicted all of those things on a very age appropriate level and taught the lesson it was striving for...

Where you come from, doesn't mean it's where you're going...
and don't judge others or they will judge you.

Check it out with your kids if you haven't yet seen the movie, or better yet, read the book.

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