Let Your Kids See What You Spend

This weekend I had to stop at the office supply store to buy some ink for my printer. I brought my teen in with me.

As I turned down the aisle where the ink was located, my daughter declared that her printer also probably needed ink.

I told her that the ink I was buying today was for my business, and it was being paid for with my business account, so we'd just have to wait until next week to get ink for the 'kids' printer because it was not in the home budget.

As I sorted through the numerical system of hp ink cartridges she suddenly bawked at the cost of some of them.  "FIFTY DOLLARS!" was what I heard her spat. I'd assumed she'd located hers (or one in that vicinity) and had for the first time, realized the cost of printer ink.

Following me to the register, she asked why the ink cost so much. I told her I had no idea, but that since it was so expensive, hopefully now she knew why we were waiting until next week to buy hers, and that it's also one of the reasons why we only print what we absolutely need to (and for the fact that we hate wasting paper, i.e.; killing trees).

Sometimes kids need to see the cost of things we buy so they appreciate it when they get it, or understand when they don't.

A lot of parents consider financial subjects taboo for children...I consider it a part of life.

If we don't teach them, how will they learn?

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