What Can Happen to Good Parents

What if you are the best parent on the planet and you do everything in your power to help your child succeed, but they still fail?

What if, after all the baseball games, dance recitals and brand name clothes, they make a choice which in their eyes, is smart, but you view it as throwing their life away?

Does that mean you were a bad parent after all?

I recently read a novel called 'Not My Daughter' by Barbara Delinsky. (Watch this video about the book)

It's a very clear picture of what could happen, even if you are the best of parents.

The story is about a group of mothers, whose daughters make a pact to get pregnant. The least likely of them at the head of the plan. When word gets out, the town considers only one mother a true disgrace, because although she is a well respected principal, they consider her past to blame.

Read this book and get an inside view of how just when you think you've done everything right, your child can think of one more thing which they find to be more brilliant...until it actually begins to unravel and they start to feel the repercussions of their choices.

Serious, emotionally charged, but heartwarming... this book teaches the reader, that  no matter how good a parent you are, your child has a mind of his/her own and can disappoint with their choices, and that no matter how much you think you love your children through their mistakes, they can sometimes test that strength and commitment of being their parent more than you've ever imagined...

Wonderful read!!!

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