Fun Friday: Family Game Night

We used to have game night a long time ago, 
but when spring sports came into play, 
our nights at home dwindled down to very few.

Now that the winter months are upon us,
 we have reincorporated Family Game Night!

We bought ourselves a classic game of Monopoly for $9.99 at Target
and played our first match two weeks ago. It was ugly...
The one who set out to be winner did not win,
but the teen cleaned house...

This past weekend, we played again...
A rematch if you will,
The stakes were high...
In the center of the board Free Parking was full of 
100 dollar bills, some skittles and a twizzler...

This game was as rough as the last,
but this time with the youngest ones cleaned out first 
and the grown-ups dueling in the end...

It's amazing that a game created over 75 years ago can be fun, even today...
Not only was it fun, but it was helping teach the kids:

counting money

Which old board games does your family play?

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