Kids Do Better in School When Mom Has Connections

My ten year old's teacher gave the class reading/writing assignment recently, which they were given two weeks to complete.

This type of homework really isn't her thing; she'd rather be solving math problems or learning new scientific facts.

And, unfortunately, she has a poor track record doing decent reports, following up with facts and doing the presentation.

It's like pulling teeth sometimes, but we do our best to help her.
She ends up with a decent grade, but if she tried harder she could get a better one.

She knows this, and so this time around, when her teacher gave her class the assignment, she came home excited. I was proud of her, she had a great plan of how she was going to approach it and lay out her time and efforts.

After several half-fast efforts and many more talkings to, I think she was beginning to catch on. She was going to do her best this time.

The first two days went super! Lot's of effort and quality time invested on the project.

Then, she forgot about it.

Until she was reminded.

She would do some more work on it, then 'forget'; having to be reminded once again.

You get the picture.

Then came: the night before it was due...

It was not complete and I was not going to force her to stop playing and get it finished.
I was going to allow her to get the grade she deserved.

Upon arriving home from work, her step-father mentioned it to her (he wanted to know if she had gotten it done like mom said to a couple days prior.

She busted her butt to get it complete to hopefully avoid a failing grade...(the jury is still out).

It might sound rotten that I was going to let her receive an incomplete grade.

Well, wait, you haven't heard the worst of it...

Something which might seem even more terrible is that I told her teacher this whole story.

What will happen during the grading process? I'm not sure. But, regardless, she might just get the grade she that her teacher will be able to confirm that my daughter's efforts could have been much better.

Why not just let the child take the passing grade (if she has a chance to get one) you ask?


Why should I teach my children that they do not have to give their best, but it's acceptable to just put enough effort 'to get by'?

Why should she learn that a half-hearted attempt is all she needs to give to pass...

This is not the first time I have used my connections with my children's teachers to help push them to achieve better grades.

Once, when  my teen was in the 6th grade, I made an effort to collaborate with her teachers regarding 'forgotten' study books in lockers, lack of studying at home and issues of 'forgotten' homework assignments. (She is now a straight A student in the 8th grade.)

Kids will always do a little less than you want them to, but will generally do better if they know their parent's and teachers are on the same page.

Teachers are your eyes, ears and often your most valuable resource in helping your child do well in school.... so email your child's teacher today.

Push your children to do their best...

It can only help them!

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