Red Ribbons...

Photo: Laura Fong/WKSU

As my busy week unfolded into a similar type
of weekend, 
so did many other families...

It seems many of us are getting back to 'business as usual', since the recent incident at Chardon High.

News stations are now highlighting their normal stories, schools are done wearing red and black, and most of us parents can sleep again.

What does all of this mean?

It means we are all going forward with our lives, as's what we's what we have to do.

Though, today, nearly a week later, as I drove down a long, country road...I was reminded...there are some who can not resume a normal life.

In the windy, bleak, overcast day, I counted about twenty or more red ribbons tied to telephone poles; ribbons flying in the wind in front of dealerships, in tree lawns and at the local clinic.

Though I was not immediately aware of the significance, it was pretty obvious (Chardon's colors are red).

I was reminded todayof what happened, and that it's not business as usual for some.

Those families whose children died, or were severely injured, have a long way to go.
Similar to 9/11, the actions are unfathomable, and the healing seems impossible, but like life dictates, we must go on.

Healing takes time, and each individual does it differently.
If you were directly affected by the Chardon High School shooting, here are some ways to heal after tragedy, by people who have been there:

Arizona Shooting 2011-Gabrielle Giffords
Arizona Shooting 2011-Christna Taylor

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