A Family Movie Review: About Racism and Racial Segregation

Remember the Titans Working on Becoming a True Team

Our kids personalities are different and their tastes and age ranges are too, but they all seem to appreciate their parent's love of football (thank goodness), because there's been a few times movie night has been geared around a football flick (or at least had some football in it).

We love football movies like theses:

Sometimes, old movies can be the best movies and so, one evening, we settled into our traditional movie night with our kids and watched Remember the Titans.

A racially charged movie, set in 1971 in Alexandria Virginia, an African American head football coach has been sent to work for desegregated (but still in highly racial minded) T.C. Williams High School.

As the high school already has a head coach (and one who has been nominated for the Virginia High School Hall of Fame), this new addition to their team does not go over well. Coaches, players and parents are stiff and angry, because they feel that this new (and black) coach is not nearly qualified enough, and doesn't belong there.

On the contrary, the new coach (Denzel Washington), shows to be a very successful leader, proving he is not just intelligent but tolerant, patient and strong, and the mature one.

The movie shows how the ignorance and fear the 'white' towns people had, ended up teaching their children how to hate. Denzel has his battle set out for him...even a ten year old treats him like dirt in the movie...

All this time, he still vows to stand his ground as a coach for the T.C. Williams High School football team.

This is a great family movie, with so many lessons to teach.

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