Thank Goodness DS's Don't Determine a Child's Happiness

On a road trip with my kids recently, I was talking to them about some things we were going to be doing and in the middle of the discussion, two out of the three of them began opening up their DS's to play with them.

I immediately made them put it away for being rude.

Within about five minutes, and after the chat, they asked if they could get their game units back out. I told them no and that it was because they were acting the way they did.

Bummed out, they sulked. It didn't bother me.

I told them that they ought to treat others how they liked to be treated (I was positive they did not like to be ignored...and neither do I).

Within about fifteen minutes, one of them asked for the game again...I said no, and that if they asked again I'd take it away for a week.

Unimpressed with Mom's discipline choice, they sat in silence. One of them even fell asleep for a while.

They don't usually have things like this to play with; the DS's were gifts.

High tech entertainment is earned in our home and frankly, they're usually too busy with school, homework, extra circular activities, family time, bible study, chores, etc, to have time to play with these things anyways, so I really couldn't understand their attitudes.

At the next rest stop, we all got out to stretch and use the restrooms. They might have had a little residual grumpiness about not being able to stay glued to their game, because they were pretty quiet, but I wasn't phased. I just gave both of them big hugs and kisses and a smile and said, 'Good thing DS's don't determine your happiness!..

'YOU do!'

They nodded, bowed their head bashfully and giggled... then hugged and kissed me and said, 'yeah, you're right'.

They'll live. And they got their DS's back...just about the time they forgot about them, and I can guarantee you they will never ignore their parent again to play their DS.

Kids don't need electronic devices to be content. They need food, water, exercise, education, acceptance and love.

Parents: Be brave, Be bold, Be confident; teach the lessons your kids need to learn...regardless of what you have to do (or take away). They won't hate you for it...and if they do, maybe they need to lose the toy for longer ;)

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