Leigh Anne Tuohy + Sandra Bullock = MOMS That Inspire Pt VI + 1/2

If you've ever watched the movie, The Blind Side, you will understand why Leigh Anne Tuohy is a mom who inspires me.

A white, wealthy mother, chooses to take in a homeless black boy...even at the mocking and prejudice of her family and friends.

Leigh Anne Tuohy exemplifies a mother who, regardless of what society (or her peers) thought,
knew what a child needed and did not stop at anything before she provided it.

An amazing, emotional story of love and compassion (I cry every time I watch it).
If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it; it was my Mother's Day Gift last year and I never get sick of watching it.

(Not to mention, my favorite actress plays her in the movie.)

Speaking of my favorite actress, she's my 'Mom that Inspires Pt VI 1/2' - Sandra Bullock...

She is an authentic woman. She brings class and respect to Hollywood and I adore that she has ventured out to adopt a baby in need (as a single mother- which is not that easy to do).

Just one more reason to love her.

Read her own parenting story

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