MOMS That Inspire Pt. I-Stephanie Nielson

Continuing with my 'May is for Moms', I want to begin sharing some of the most inspiring Moms.

The First One some of you may have heard of: It's Stephanie Nielson.

I cannot begin to imagine how it would feel to be Stephanie, or what it would be like to cope with what she's endured. Though she has taught us exactly how to do it, through her strength, her faith, and her blog.

Her New Life

I appreciate that she shares, I admire her strength and honesty, and most of all, I admire her ability to appreciate life as the gift it is...

She can teach us all, that long days, messes to clean, dirty diapers to change, spit-up ruined outfits, untimely children's illnesses, and other inconveniences....can be a gift and a pleasure....because if we are experiencing means we are alive....

And that's a wonderful thing.

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