Step-Dads are Father's Too

When kids are part of a divorced family they are in what's called a blended family.
In blended families, children might have two sets of parents, extra siblings and even additional sets of grandparents.

To some, this may seem unnatural, odd...negative even.

But, it can actually be a good thing.

Think about how most children go through their lives being introduced to several different teachers and coaches...each a different role model with their own individuality and mentoring to share. They each have something to teach a child, and no matter how loving or involved a parent might be, it's always nice for a kid to be loved and accepted by another adult. And, it's cool to learn about the world, and share other things with those positive role models too.

This month on Family Matters with Amber, I've been supporting Dads...but today, I'm also supporting Step-dads, because whether society realizes it or not, they play a very important part in their step-children's lives, and can be just as important as biological fathers are.

Step-dads can be considered friends, coaches, and a parent-figure to look up to and seek love 
and guidance from.

I have a Step-dad and he's just as awesome as my own dad. I've shared many things with both of them. I can talk to, and love, both of them. There are some things my dad and I don't have in common, that my Step-father and I do...and vice-versa.

It's not wrong to love or accept a step-parent...and since a child cannot control their feelings, their respect or appreciation for any certain person, it's best to not try to sway them. Allow them to create bonds with step-parents, because the more love they have...will never be a bad thing.

My husband is also my children's Step-father. They have fun together, they share emotional moments, they receive discipline and get taught by him. My children's Step-dad is a super cool guy...and they'll be the first ones to tell you that!

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