5 Steps to Get Kids to Do Their Chores (Correctly)

Getting kids to do their chores is like pulling teeth sometimes. (Okay, all the time) Because no sooner do we think they understand, comes their 'forgetfulness' on when and how it's done.

Here are 5 sure-fire steps to getting your kids to do their chores (right).

1. Show them how (yes, step-by-step).

2. Stay in the room when they do them (inconvenient, but think 'cat away-mice play')

3. Do your own chores during the same time  (it's like an exercise partner-everyone love company)

4. Follow up: go behind them when they're done and check their work (teacher's do it, why can't we?)

5.  Repeat (Ahhhhhhh, the tedious part of parenting)

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