What Is Your Most Memorable Childhood Christmas?

We can all probably remember our favorite Christmas; where we received a gift we really wanted or where we may have traveled somewhere with our family to see a relative.

I hope that after I share my most memorable childhood Christmas memory, you will too.

My grandmother is gone now... she passed away in June.  She was like a mother to me and I spent a lot of time at her house, that is probably why most of my Christmas memories are of when I was with her.

When I was about eight years old, on Christmas night, it was time for bed. But, I had gotten these tiny, plastic, pink babies. They were so small that I think they could be considered more than stick figures today. The babies arrived under the tree as a set. I recall that the babies came with a tub, accessories and a scale to weigh them on. No bigger than my pinky today, I played with them for hours and cried because I had to put them away and get ready for bed.

I remember how my grandmother loved how happy I was and so she allowed me to stay up very late to play with them. They were so fun, so mine and so sweet. I wanted to take care of them forever and ever (or at least until morning). I know that my Nanny really wanted me to go to sleep, but she could not resist allowing me the time to stay up and play with my new family.

The babies weren't expensive and I don't even think that I asked for them, but they were wonderful. I think they might have even been my first indication about wanting to be a mother. I so appreciated being the one in charge, the one to give love; the one to protect and nurture.

I took those babies to bed that night, washing them and caring for them until my eyelids were heavy and my Nanny put them on the nightstand next to me and pulled the covers up to my chin and tucked me in.

To my surprise, when I woke, it wasn't a dream...my babies were still right there where I had put them; right next to me, tucked in.

What's your most memorable childhood Christmas?

Oh, by the way, here are those pink babies... I think.

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