Last Minute Christmas Gift for your Teen

Looking for something last minute to buy your teen for Christmas but just can't find the time or figure out what to get them?  I have the perfect thing!

An iTunes Gift Card.

That might sound terrible because some people consider gift cards the 'lazy man's way out' (ok, so everyone knows I don't like to shop--but honestly, this was a winner and had nothing to do with not wanting to go shopping).

As my teenager gets older, it seems more and more difficult to find things she would really enjoy. 

As teens mature, parents tend to lose their cool-factor...and that usually leads to pretty lame gift-giving too.

I'm sure the new cell phone in her stocking wasn't a lame gift, but hey, what do I know...

My daughter loves music (what teen doesn't?). Though I would never succeed in picking out the right CD's for her (been there, done that, and it's hit or miss) I allowed her to do it herself!

ALL OF IT... right here at home, on Christmas, in less than an hour!


Create a Wish List, Buy using the GC, Dowload Songs, Burn CD...

The Perfect Teen Christmas Gift She Loves!!!
iTunes lists each of the songs in order for her here...complete with run time and name of her CD...

iTunes Creates a Special Cover With All The
Artist Album Covers as the Jewel Case Front

She was jumping for joy with her favorite songs and likes all the songs since it's a mixed CD she made herself (unlike when we buy an entire single-artist CD)! 


Another reason it's cool? We got to hang out together while she did it, I got to see what music she likes, and I get the songs on my computer for myself too! :) 

THREE gifts for the price of one!

Maybe this is a great 'anytime' gift....

  1. Buy an iTunes GC online or just about anywhere
  2. She sat down at the computer 
  3. Went into iTunes and created a wish list
  4. Then punched in her GC code
  5. It popped up with her balance 
  6. She clicked buy on 'all of her wish list' and the songs were purchased.
  7. They downloaded to the computer
  8. Then we burned them onto a CD

Don't have iTunes? Click here.

Other places you might find iTunes GC's: Best Buy, Walmart, Toys R' Us.

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