Fun Friday: My Soapbox of Happiness

My daughter - that's my funny girl!

Okay... for some reason, it seems I'm on a kick about 'happiness' for the year 2013...

My One Word for the year is Positively!!
Face it, you can't be miserable if you're being positive...
but besides that, I am truly very excited about this year and all that it has to bring!

And I want you to be excited too!

I recently met someone who thought me to be very positive person!

"Why yes, thank you, I am!" 
Or at least I try to be. I am not a Pollyanna by any means; I do check in with reality from time to time, but I surely do not dwell on the difficulties or bad parts of a situation if I can at all help it...


Here is a repost of something I wrote in October... I think it describes where I'm at mentally.

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