Chardon High School-A Year Later

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Today marks the one year anniversary of the Chardon High School shooting.
Since it's a neighboring town, my children are affected more by it than if we lived farther away.

No matter where you are today...
Maybe you could ask your children to wear red and black..
If it's possible, maybe you could too...
In support of the victims...and all those affected by this senseless event.

It's a sad sad day when a life is cut short, it's even sadder when it's a child. 

I cannot even find words to express how I feel, 
How the people of Chardon must feel,
How the parents of the deceased children feel.

Praying for an end to times like these...
But grateful we all know how to support one another through.

In the future, I had hoped to be able to post some words from parents with children at Chardon High School in an effort to help fellow parents like us cope with this sort of thing and the fear it breeds. 
It's sometimes impossible to figure out how to explain events like this to our children... and still give them hope for a happy, prosperous tomorrow. Under the circumstances and timing of another school shooting this winter  in Newtown, CT (my home state) I called Chardon.
I do hope someone will feel led, by courage and strength, to offer some insight and hope soon. 

Please keep these families, victims and staff members in your thoughts today.

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