Digital Scrapbooking Saves Me Time

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I started scrapbooking when my oldest daughter (now almost 16) was three. I loved the time I spent taking my favorite pictures and creating memory pages, crafting and journaling the stories behind the photos. This activity helped me remember those moments so vividly--of all the times we spent doing special things together when she was little.

It was an outlet for me, a fun hobby...I even began to document the next babies being born...

But since my third child came along about nine years ago, I've struggled to find the time (and energy) to scrapbook again.

One of my goals one year (I can't even remember which one) was to get back into scrapbooking; I have not done very well with that. Recently though, I tried using a digital scrapbooking method, hoping maybe it would be easier than my old way.

I love graphic design, I live at my computer most days with work, etc., and I don't always find time or money to print out all of the pix I take with my cellphone- thousands a month.

I have to say that the My Memories software is awesome! It's quick, easy to use, it's got a lot of options without upgrades (and plenty of better options when I'm ready for them).

Check out my first album-which isn't perfect but it's done! It was easy and quick and says everything I wanted to say and it didn't take me three hours to get all the craft stuff out, make it, clean it up and journal it!! (The event we attended was just over 24hrs ago and it's already documented! That's the first time I've scrapped something so recent!)

If you are an old fashioned paper & book scrapper, no worries, that method is great for you if you have memorabilia to include and more time than  me. But, you could also take tips from hybrid scrappers because this could work with that too!

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Check out my 1st My Memories Suite scrapbook: Quilt Show 2013

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