Punishment: Humiliating or Humorous?

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I'm sure most of you remember the controversy over a set of parents who used social media to punish their teen's behavior.

Since there are so many different ways to parent, who's to say which way is the right way?

Which would you choose? Which have you tried? And, in your opinion, which approach do you feel worked best?

Your question for me might be, 'Amber, which do you use?'.

I think that I sometimes use both. Though sometimes seems some would consider it humiliating, I have used  gentle sarcasm, timed appropriately, and not in the heat of the moment (only later and never in front of those who I know my child will be embarrassed). Humor? I use that too. But only after things blow over. When I was a kid (9 probably) I remember getting caught playing with matches. I can recall my grandmother making it the first thing she announced to every caller or visitor. I never liked being made fun of or needled about my mistakes when I was a kid (I'm sure you can relate). 

To set things straight....
Neither humor nor humility are my chosen tools for discipline.

Because matter how you do it, or when, discipline in it's nature is meant to be a time for education. It is meant to be a short window for a lesson. NOT a time for jokes or embarrassment-because those things don't teach. Well, they do teach your child something....

What you want from them...rather than what you don't want.

I suggest sticking to the Golden Rule: 
Do Unto Others as You'd Have Done to You.

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