A Post on Keeping Positive Today

I follow Rowdy Kittens and appreciate what the author shares with her readers. Things like being green, living simple, and with less. She writes about a variety of things and one of her recent posts was about Positive Emotions. Short, sweet and quite personal, she offered a few ideas and experiences on how to stay focused on positive emotions while still dealing with things like grief and sadness.

I think you should check it out. She even made a free screen saver to go along with the post which I downloaded today!

Not a mom (at least to children) you might wonder, "How does this woman's post relate to me as a parent?". Well, like the flight attendant who instructs the parent/guardian to take care of themselves first by putting on the oxygen mask first...so they can properly take care of their child....

The same applies here.

Keep yourself positive and you will help your 
kids cope better as well.

When we are in a down state emotionally, it's harmful to our kids because it can result in them feeling shut off, shut down or alone. During our worst days we somehow have to figure out how to stay positive. (Don't take that as you should ignore true feelings because like Rowdy Kittens mentioned still  -you're human- but find the strength and resources to keep going.)

Because My One Word this year is Positively, I will be infusing more posts which will be somehow link to being positive.

If you're not a parent and visited my blog today and enjoyed it, I'm glad you found something inspiring or motivating to read here. Please pass it on!

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