My Teen's Cell Phone Pt 2

courtesy of 'mobile phone' by teemarun 

There never really was a part 1 to this post. But, about a year ago I did publish a post about how I took my teenager's cell phone away (I know, crazy right?). In the post I mentioned that she might never get it back. (Even crazier for sure-how would any of us survive?)

Well, she's 15 1/2 now and this past Christmas I gave her another phone.

No texting, no Instagram, no internet. It's a phone for emergencies and if she wants to talk to family or friends she has that capability.

She's doing great with it and still doesn't miss the buzzing of the old one (when she could text).

In between the old cell phone this one, we had something else happen...

A parent's worst fear...
That will have to be 'My Teen's Cell Phone Pt 3'

For now, check out these links regarding teens and cell phones and rest easy knowing that if you need an angle on discipline, you can go for the phone.

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