Dads Aren't Stupid...And Moms Don't Know It All

Me and our first little pumpkin.
When my first child was born, I have to admit, I thought I knew it all.

Well, not really...
 I just thought I knew more than my husband.

After just a short period of time, I seemed to have this innate way of bonding with my child: knowing what she needed; feeding, changing, etc; and I even knew what each cry meant.

I admit, I probably treated my husband as if he were clueless sometimes...
But eventually, I figured out that he wasn't brainless about babies...
He just wasn't born with what most moms have:  a natural, motherly, nurturing way about them.

Moms just seem to have it, and it makes complete sense because women were created for mothering; making life and caring for it. And men, well, you know- they were made for hunting, protecting and providing for the family, etc...

So for those women out there who wonder, "What is Dad doing!?", and you don't quite understand why he doesn't do things your way... have faith...

 Dads aren't dumb.

It just takes them longer sometimes to figure it out.

In the meantime, go easy on him, be gentle, and teach him lovingly by doing what you do best!

  Avoid eye rolling
  Take a deep breath
   Stock up on patience
    ***In the most difficult moments, remember, we aren't perfect either***

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