Fun Friday: Regular Tie, Bow Tie or NO Tie?

For all those older men out there who might be wondering why younger men are wearing bow ties lately...(If you saw the NFL draft, you'll see what I mean... bow ties are catching on).

I don't have the answer.

Maybe it's like other fashion trends, they come and go.... usually trends are more for the women, but the tie thing is really debatable.

Do you were one? Which one do you like better? Which one does the woman in your life prefer?

...And what the heck does this have to do with parenting (or being a male role model in a child's life)?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... UNLESS of course you someday want to teach him to tie these things or give reasons not to wear them...

You know what? I have a better idea! Just get yourself one of these:

Just do me a favor... 
Don't tell her you found it here.


If you do happen to be a man who is raising boys, or you need some practice,  you might want to check out these videos (I know, you don't need directions... humor me):

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