Funny Read for the Hubby

"Couple On Stairs" by Ambro on

I was raised by my dad, so I often get a kick out of the way guys think (and women don't). Because I was brought up in a male a male-minded world, I find straight forwardness and minimal drama quite appealing.

With this being said, I'm certain that June will be fun for those family guys in your life because I will be focusing on posts for them...and it will be primarily male-brained. (Don't worry, it'll be positive, clean and supportive of family values.)

Here's a blog post (male author of course) which I want to share with your spouse regarding marriage.

Funny, to the point, and VERY beneficial for the woman in his life- please pass it on:

Stay tuned for more fun, guy-inspired, (secretly educational and motivational) stuff for those male family role models in your life.

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