Buying Bigger Isn't Always Better

I've been trying something at home. I held back on putting out a new tube of toothpaste for a while, wondering if the kids would keep squeezing out what was left in the old tube.

It's been working.

I've found that when there is less of something left in the house we all work harder to conserve it, or at the very least, get what we can out of it.

I aggree that having to stick your hand way down inside the mayonnaise or peanut butter jar really stinks, and shaking and hitting the ketchup bottle is a pain when they get low, but I also know that if I hold out on putting that new replacement jar in out, the kids will be sure to use up what's left.

This saves money. It avoids waste. It can also teach kids the value of what they have. 

This works with cereal, juice, pop and yes, even toilet paper and paper towels. If there is less of a roll there, we tend to use less sheets!

Try adjusting the size of what you buy and save money too.

Ever buy a big tub of ice cream opossd to a smaller one? How about an extra large bag of Doritos? Chances are high that the large sizes are all gone in the same amount of time as smaller ones.

Buying more, or bigger, Isn't always better.

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